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Quality People, Quality Attitude, Quality Service


It is the mission of Lakeshore Latching, Inc. to provide a quality, reliable, cost effective service that exceeds our customer´┐┐s expectations.  We believe in running a fair business, with honesty and integrity, to both our customers and employees.  It is our desire to keep family and values a priority for our employees, by providing flexible work schedules and the ability to work at home as much as possible.  We also believe that mutual respect between employer/employee and Lakeshore Latching, Inc. and their customers is key to a successful business.


At this time Lakeshore Latching, Inc. does not offer health, life, or dental insurance. There is no 401K plan available.

Unemployment, workers compensation, and disability insurance premiums are paid by the company and are available to employees, as required.


Beginning January 1, 2006, Lakeshore Latching, Inc. began offering 5 days paid vacation to all full time employees, defined as those employees working 35-40 hours per week consistently throughout the year.  Vacation requests can be made for 1 to 5 days at a time with a required one week notice given.

Paid vacation is not offered to part time workers, however, unpaid vacation is granted with at least a one week notice.


Paid sick days are not offered, however, employees are expected to notify their supervisor as soon as possible when ill and are unable to take work or finish the work in process.


If you are a hardworking individual dedicated to providing quality service and require a flexible work schedule, you may be a good candidate to join the Lakeshore Latching Assembly & Packaging Support Team.  To be considered for employment, complete an employment application and send to employment@Lakeshorelatching.com


No phone calls, please!

Sorry, we are not hiring at the present time.